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2022 World Bee Day

Natural Beekeeping

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Join us LIVE from 8am to 8:30pm, on Friday, May 20, 2022, for World Bee Day- A Natural Beekeeping Webinar. This 12+hrs Live Interactive Broadcast features many amazing speakers, who are internationally recognized as experts in Natural Beekeeping. 


You are invited to join us LIVE the day of the event, or purchase a ticket after May 20, 2022, and watch the recorded event at your convenience!

Speakers this year include:

  1. Jacqueline Freeman (Song of Increase) 

  2. Dr. John Kefuss (The Bond Method)

  3. Kim Flottum (Common Sense Natural Beekeeping)

  4. Les Crowder (Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honey Bee Health)

  5. Dr. Leo Sharashkin (Keeping Bees With A Smile)

  6. Ang Roell (They Keep Bees) 

  7. Dr. Stefan Stangaciu (

  8. Jen Rasmussen

  9. Sarah Red-Laird (Bee Girl)

  10. Daniel Weaver (BeeWeaver Apiaries)

  11. Nathalie B. (Bee Mindful)

  12. Dr. Juliana Rangel (Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab - pre-recorded BONUS)


$65 Non-Member- Early Bird Ends May 19, 2022

$75 Non-Member- May 20, 2022 and beyond

$45 *HCBA Members 

HCBA Membership is available world-wide. Meetings and events are recorded so no matter your location you can access Natural Beekeeping material. Members have access to the 2020 and 2021 Webinar recordings as part of their membership perks. Consider becoming a HCBA Member to access all past event recordings free of charge (24hrs worth of quality content).

Note: Individual speaker presentations will be available after May 20,2022 for $20 each or you can purchase the entire day's recording for $75 on or after May 20, 2022.

How does this work?

Register anytime before the event to join LIVE on Friday, May 20,2022. All participants will receive a recording of the entire event afterward.

Register anytime on or after the event (2020 & 2021 are also available) and receive a recording to watch at your convenience. 

After May 20, 2022 individual speaker presentations will be available for purchase. Individual recordings are $20 and are only available after May, 20, 2022. 

  • Upon purchasing your tickets, you will receive the webinar registration link.

  • Tickets may be purchased before, during and after the event, even years later.

  • Once registered, you will receive the link allowing you to join this virtual video conference LIVE the day of the even.

  • All registered participants of the live event will receive a link for the recordings a few days later, to watch on their own schedule afterward, as many times as they would like.

  • Participants who register after May 20, 2022, we receive a link to the recordings, to watch on their own schedule, as many times as they would like.

  • For a sample of one of our past events, watch the first part of our 2021 Webinar

  • World Bee Day recordings from 2020 & 2021 are also available to purchase!

  • Note: HCBA Members have access to the 2020 and 2021 Webinar recordings as part of their membership perks. Consider becoming a HCBA Member to access all past event recordings free of charge (24hrs worth of quality content).

Why this conference:

Beekeepers new and old need to know there is a different way to keep bees from the conventional approach.They also need tools to address the biggest challenges in keeping their bees naturally and sustainable, which are: 

  • Science-based information on Natural Beekeeping.

  • Understanding the underlying mechanisms honey bees use to fend off pests and pathogens on their own, and what best practices beekeepers can use to leverage those natural mechanisms.

  • Why it's important to keep bees naturally.

  • How to avoid peer pressure, misconceptions and repeated myths.

What you will learn in this webinar: 

  • Our Featured Speakers (Bios and Topics listed below) are internationally recognized experts in Natural Beekeeping, who will share their expertise and core philosophy for a deeper understanding the natural mechanisms of honey bees and how beekeepers can work with the honey bee's nature to boost their colonies' health naturally.

  • You will learn about core principles of Natural Beekeeping, best practices, tips and tricks on how to grow your apiary sustainably while focusing on a chemical-free, natural approach to beekeeping.

  • These principles apply to backyard beekeeping, small scale businesses, and even large commercial operations mindful of  long term implications.

  • You will discover how beekeepers successfully keep bees leveraging their nature, and get inspired to do the same with your bees

  • With Dr. Stangaciu's presentation on apitherapy, you will also witness how keeping bees naturally contributes direct benefits to human health through clean, pure hive products, that can be used in apitherapy, which is a branch of alternative medicine that uses honey bee products to improve human health.


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