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What is the HCBA Beekeeping Store? 


  • Our physical store pickup point was created as a way to provide beekeepers a practical and cheap local source of equipment (Langstroth and Top-Bar Hives) and expertise. 

  • It is staffed by a Texas A&M University Master Beekeeper, and the President and Vice-President of the Hays County Beekeeper Association, so it also serves as a source of knowledge and expertise for all your beekeeping questions.

  • Free workshops and classes will be organized on occasions and announced on the HCBA Facebook page

  • The other purpose of the store is to fund Honey Bee research and HCBA's community outreach programs, while offering the general public and our members great educational content and opportunities to connect, share, and improve their beekeeping experience. 

Your purchases directly support the following programs: 

  • Hives and beekeeping training for:

    • Formerly chronically homeless residents of Community First! Village, a Mobile Loaves & Fishes initiative

    • Women and Youth refugees of the Congo in the Austin and Houston area

  • Our School Hives for Tomorrow

  • Our Beekeeping Youth Scholarships


Address and Hours of Operation: 


The store pickup point is located at 12919 Nutty Brown Road, AUSTIN, TX 78737.

It is open for purchases and pickups on Fridays 9am-5pm, and by appointment via text/call at (512) 699-0605.

We currently carry the items below, that you may purchase here while onsite, or order here below ahead of time and pickup there (no shipping). We will be adding items as we go so check back often.