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Our Sponsors and Donors

HCBA would like to profusely thank and recognize the following providers for their continuous support and donations, and encourages you to take a look at their offering for all your beekeeping needs (equipment, classes, products of the hive, consulting and ag exemption services, etc.):


beeweaver logo.png

Beeweaver Apiaries

The folks at BeeWeaver, and more specifically Laura Weaver, have been extremely generous with HCBA, donating multiple packages of bees to our Youth Scholarship, School Hive, and Community First! Village programs. These programs would not exist without their generous donations, and we are so grateful to be able to use their wonderful bees to teach new generations of beekeepers that would not have had that opportunity without their support.

Beeweaver has been raising for over 20 years Texas bred, mite tolerant, disease resistant, hygienic survivor stock that does not depend on treatments to thrive, so they work well for all kinds of Texas backyard beekeepers, whether they treat or not. 


Bee Friendly Austin

Tany Phillips and Chuck Reburn have supported HCBA from the beginning and are a major contributor to our success, always contributing with their time, experience, and delicious honeys and meads. Through Tour De Hives, they have made a major financial contribution to our programs and our efforts to become a non-profit organization. Tanya has also donated multiple copies of her wonderful book "Beginning Beekeeping" to our 3 programs

Their wonderful apiary is located in Southwest Austin, where they provide excellent educational classes. They sell bee nucs for Langstroth and Top-Bar Hives, and you can also buy equipment as well as, of course , their delicious local honey! 


Vista Brewing

Vista has been hosting our monthly meetings and provided a warm, welcoming environment for our attendees every month, even letting us order their delicious foods and drinks on a night they are not normally open.

This wonderful brewery is located in the heart of the Hill Country in Driftwood, on breathtaking grounds. Their delicious craft beers and local foods are prepared with sustainably grown ingredients by creative and talented masters of their own craft. Karen and Kent Killough, the owners, are wonderful people and also raise bees onsite in their beautiful apiary. 


Callahan's General Store

Mr. Wilson, the President, CEO and General Manager at Callahan's personally donated bee suits, gloves, smokers and hive tools for our Youth Scholarship, School Hive and Community First! Village programs. His generous donation has been critical to the success of these outreach programs!

Callahan's is an Austin legend and a Central Texas destination, a place where people gather to shop, visit and experience a true piece of Texas. They sell everything you need to raise chickens and other farm animals, as well as beekeeping equipment. 

Dadant Logo.png


As a major supplier of beekeeping equipment, Dadant receives many requests for donations to various programs already, yet when we called for help, they came through majorly and donated a ventilated suit, books gloves and hive tools. Their generous contribution helps us grow our outreach programs in a significant manner.

Since 1863 beekeeping and honey bees has been Dadant's business. Their learning center and news are here to help beekeepers stay up to date on the latest beekeeping news and research, as well as the time-tested methods passed down to them over the past 150 plus years. Dadant sells pretty much any beekeeping equipment you will ever need.

Dick Goodin.jpeg

Dick Goodin

Dick is one of our original members, and a great benefactor of HCBA: He has made major financial donations to our outreach programs.

He is a senior scientist with experience in technology commercialization, new business development, technology scouting, opportunity assessment, competitive intellectual property analysis, technology validation. More specifically, he is a Chemical Consultant in various technology areas such as Organic Electrochemistry, Electrosynthesis, and Physical Organic Chemistry. We are so very grateful to Dick's unsolicited contributions, they make a huge difference in our outreach program success!

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