HCBA and Beeweaver featured in the Austin Waldorf School Newsletter!

Back in the Spring, Laura Weaver from Beeweaver Apiaries generously donated 3 packages of their proven, hygienic, mite-resistant, and untreated, locally bred survivor stock bees for 3 HCBA programs: our Youth Scholarship, our Community First! Village beekeeping program for residents as a way to generate income, and for our donated hive at the Austin Waldorf School.

We were particularly thrilled since those bees have natural resistance to pests like the Varroa Mites, and they have not been treated with miticides for close to 20 years, which makes them a perfect candidate for Natural or Treatment-Free Beekeeping.

HCBA donated a Top-Bar Hive to the school, and Tara Glauser-Beck and I then went to install the bees with Kathy McElveen, the General School Leader at AWS on a bitter cold Spring morning, which was not ideal but we took precautions and were super quick.

The bees were initially cared for by me, and managed to thrive despite me being gone to China for 2 months this Summer, a testament to their resilience and BeeWeaver's awesome stock: they are definitely well adapted to our climate and food sources!

Now, the management of the hive has been transferred to the school under the supervision of our very own Top-Bar Hive Guru Les Crowder, so we know they will be under the best care.

Thank You HCBA members: your contributions have made this program possible, and future generations of young beekeepers thank you for their beautiful hive and bees!

You can read the school article HERE: