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HCBA provides free, top quality educational classes/presentations/workshops every month at Vista Brewing, the third Wednesday of each month starting at 7pm.


But it takes a lot more to learn everything there is to learn about bees and beekeeping, so in addition, HCBA recommends a solid education for a successful beekeeping experience. But not all classes are created equal: 

You want qualified, experienced, mindful teachers that will show you ways to keep your bees healthy and thriving with minimal intervention, to keep stressors to a minimum: stressed bees can't thrive!

Here is a selection of carefully vetted Natural Beekeeping classes taught by Bee Mindful here in Austin, TX. Together, their beekeepers have over 60 years of combined experience, advanced certification in the TAMU Master Beekeeper Program, and a focus on MINDFUL beekeeping: they never use any treatments in their hives (not even so-called "organic" treatments, which are still insecticides and a stressor the the colony), and have 2 wonderful teaching apiaries in beautiful Driftwood, TX, where you can discover beekeeping in Top-Bar Hives, Langstroths, Warres, Barrel Hives, and even Long Langs, Layens and Flow Hives.

The best part? HCBA Members have access to some free classes through their membership!

Take a look at their offering by going to their Natural Beekeeping Classes page below.

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