• J hook design hive tool made from high strength stainless steel that will not rust


  • Heavy gauge metal with a comfortable grip to increase leverage and reducing flex when prying heavy items.


  • Tje J-Hook makes for an easy frame lifter by resting the hook on the box or a frame to easily pry up a propolized frame. 


  • Easy scraping and cutting: The tapered flat edge is perfect for scraping excess comb and propolis from beekeeping equipment as well as for straightening cross comb. Also useful for cutting out undesirable honeycomb, queen cells, and squashing hive beetles.  


  • Multi-purpose beekeeping tool: This hive tool may be used to open the hive lid or cover, to separate the honey supers and brood boxes, to break the seal on the queen excluder, to scrape off access propolis and wax, especially the burr comb, and to remove the honey frames and lift them out of the hive boxes.

J-Hook Hive Tool