These 8 gallon natural fiber containers are great for plants, but also make lightweight swarm traps that are attractive to the bees. 


Containers are fiber molded, meaning they are made of recycled material, biodegradable and light weight. 

Their durable, yet breathable design make them a cost effective, efficient way to attract swarms.


Plug all but one of the bottom holes, make a cover for it, and use old comb, lemon grass oil, queen lure and propolis to increase your chances of catching one. 

Or use two of them for a larger cavity and no cover.


Dimensions: 16-1/8in x 15-7/8in


  • Pickup at the HCBA Beekeeping Store @ 12919 Nutty Brown Road, Austin, TX 78737 and by appointment @ (512) 699-0605