These new and improved Bee MINDFUL Top-Bar Hives feature a  deluxe roof that allows for external feeding without opening the hive, and a REMOVABLE partition so you can raise 2 separate colonies (OR adjust to one big colony for increased honey production). 
The deluxe roof is made of premium roofing material and articulated to easily raise vertically, and latches in place (no need to use ties or weights to secure). It is raised for maximum air flow over the bars in the Summer, as well as addition of insulation material in the Winter - which makes them the best insulated hives we know (2" lumber is twice as insulating as the 1" grade wood used for Langs or other top-bar hives) Each end reproduces the shape of an hexagon, which beautifully and mindfully recalls the shape of the cells in the honey combs.

Each side has a separate entrance. 

LES CROWDER hives are mindfully and lovingly hand-crafted of 2" untreated pine lumber for maximum insulation. 

Basic version is not stained and has no center partition and no disk entrance reducers but you may add those as options. Pickup at the HCBA Store only once you receive readiness notification and instructions (or contact for onsite installation service)

Additional features 
- 3 cleated topbars for starter guides included 
- Legs included 

Options available: 
- 2-in-1 partition to host 2 colonies in the same hive 
- stain 
- Modular disk entrance reducers (settings allow for queen exclusion, transport and full opening). 

Advantages of a Top Bar Hive: 
- Can host 2 colonies once partitioned 
- No heavy box lifting ever 
- No need for equipment storage (empty boxes, frames) 
- No additional equipment ever needed as the colony grows 
- Easier space management (only in the horizontal plan) 
- Lots of comb honey and wax (more valuable than honey) 
- Less stress on the bees (pull only a few bars for opening, no empty cavity above the brood's nest ever) 
- Calmer bees, less intimidating management 
- No hiding places for Small Hive Beetles

DELUXE TOP-BAR HIVE (Single or Double)


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