If you have already ordered Packages, NUCs or Queens for pickup on or before May 7-8,  you may have us pick them up for you in NAVASOTA at the same time we go pickup the HCBA group order on May 7-8.


Purchase this "Navasota Pickup Convenience Fee" and email a copy of our order to HaysCountyBA@gmail.com so we can put your name on our pickup list and coordinate with BeeWeaver accordingly. 


We will then take your order back with us when we go pickup the HCBA bulk order on May 7-8, and you will be able to pick it up May 7-9 from the HCBA Store at 12919 Nutty Brown Road in South West Austin. 



HCBA will only do a group pickup on May 7-8 so your order will only be available for pickup on May 7-9. No orders scheduled for pickup after that weekend will be part of this offer, and any purchases made in error will be refunded