ORDER DEADLINE: until supplies last (first come -  first served)

BEES PICKUP DATE: May 8-9 (pickup instructions will be sent early May)

HIVE can be picked up before that or the same day as the bees (contact us first to arrange pickup)

Pick Up Location: HCBA Store, 12919 Nutty Brown Road


Please note that pricing includes a $10 convenience fee for HCBA to coordinate with BeeWeaver and organize the bulk NUC pickup in Navasota (116 miles away), drive the bees back to Austin, and set up your pickup. 


The Hive box:

This 8-frame hive kit contains everything you need to get started, including a Bottom Board, a Deep bottom box, a Medium super box, 16 frames with foundation (8 deep + 8 medium), an Inner Cover, a Telescopic Cover, and an Entrance Reducer.

Setup in your apiary, and place the bees inside once you have picked them up in early May. Voila!


The Bees: (arrive in early May)

A NUC (nucleus) is a small langstroth colony ready to be placed in a full sized Langstroth brood box to they continue to grow.

NUCs may  be transferred directly into  a deep, langstroth brood box, nuc, or Lang-to-TBH adapter.


BeeWeaver's NUCs have 4 Frames of Bees, Brood and Honey and a young laying BeeWeaver Queen (clipped and marked) in a Jester Nuc Box. A cap and ladder frame feeder is included.

The BeeWeaver breed is known to be disease resistant, mite tolerant, and untreated. All BeeWeaver queens are produced by them in Texas in the Brazos Valley.



    • Orders are non refundable, all sales are final
    • HCBA is not responsible at any time for the quality or health of the colony
    • HCBA is not liable for any and all harm resulting from handling NUCs and Packages of live bees
    • Pickup instructions will be provided by April 30
    • If you cannot pickup your NUC order on the scheduled pickup day of May 8-9, it will be taken to the Bee Mindful Teaching Apiary at 7606 Wildwood Circle, where the bees will be free to fly until you have scheduled an alternative p/u date.