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A DEEP hive body is usually the year-round bottom box or "brood box" in a Langstroth setup, although lots of beekeepers also use it as a honey "super"

Dimensions are 19-7/8" L x 16-1/4" W x 9-1/2" H - weight is 65-80lbsfilled


A MEDIUM hive body is typically added for the bees to store their honey reserves , but it can also be used as a brood box if you keep all medium boxes. Any box added on top of the brood box for the purpose of storing honey may be called a "honey super"


8 Frame Dimensions are 19-7/8" L x 16-1/4" W x 6-5/8" H - weight is 50lbs-55lbsfilled 


We recommend Top-Bar Hives for much lighter, cheaper, and easier beekeeping, especially for backyard/urban/hobby beekeepers.


However, some beekeepers need Langstroth equipment typically used for commercial operations, and in that case we highly recommend all same size boxes, with all 8-frame medium throughout the board being the most ideal configuration to minimize depth & width incompatibilities and heavy lifting. 


The store will carry all types, as follows: 

  1. Unassembled - you glue/nail/square and paint
  2. Assembled - you paint
  3. Assembled & painted - ready to use immediately, we've done all the work for you!


Compatibility Warning:

  • Choose 8 Frame options for 8 Frame equipment
  • Choose 10 Frame options for 10 Frame equipment

LANGSTROTH Hive Bodies /Boxes

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