Our Monthly Educational Meetings and weekly Q&As Chat With The Mindful Beekeepers,” with Nathalie B. and Les Crowder of BeeMindful, are free and open to the public. Our Facebook Group is truly a friendly and welcoming environment where anyone can ask questions or share their content or expertise without fear of being bullied by other members or arbitrarily censored, and where we like to share carefully curated educational content, tips and recommendations to help our community grow together.

We don't just talk about being friendly and helping others, we actually mean it and go above and beyond to actually put it in practice, and we work hard to make a difference in the lives of others.

But we cannot do it alone.

If you enjoy our educational events and workshops, and would like to provide support to the club and its educational and community outreach programs, we invite you to join us by becoming a member, volunteering and/or donating today.

Anyone world-wide can become a member, donate and support our club in its mission. Local members can donate their time, energy and expertise to benefit the following community outreach beekeeping programs:

  • Our Community First! Village Program (a Mobile Loaves & Fishes initiative that provides housing,work and dignity to the chronically homeless community)

  • Our Congolese Women and Youth Refugee Empowerment Program

  • Our Youth Scholarship Program

  • Our Hives for Schools Program


As a token of our gratitude, Members will have access to the Membership Benefits below,

○ All past World Bee Day Natural Beekeeping Webinars (each 12-hrs of quality content valued at $45)

○ Access to our Members Only library of educational materials: meeting recordings,  carefully curated presentation videos, educational content,

○ Use of HCBA's lending library of 70+ books and Movies (in person only)

○ Use of HCBA club extractors (subject to availability: FCFS - in person only)

○ Use of HCBA mentoring help programs (virtual and in person)

○ Access to the TBA Journal electronic publication for 1st year

Discounts to workshops and seminars sponsored by HCBA

○ Knowing that your dues help offset the ongoing costs of the club such as speaker fees and community outreach programs

○ Knowing you support HCBA in its mission to protect honey bees and educate beekeepers as well as the public at large!

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