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HCBA recommends educating yourself on beekeeping in general, and on natural beekeeping in particular, to help both beekeepers and their bees be as successful as possible in this world of yearly colony die-offs. Pesticides, fungicides, and modern agriculture practices all collide to create a world that is stressful to the bees, and we want to help by encouraging people to keep their bees as naturally as possible.

To this effect, we recommend attending the monthly HCBA meetings at Vista Brewing in Driftwood (3rd Wednesday of every month), which are always free to everyone and provide quality, educational presentations/discussions/workshops.

In addition, we recommend BEE MINDFUL for Natural Beekeeping Classes, because their focus is on chemical free, natural, proven ways to keep bees healthy without the use of any treatments in the hive (even so-called "organic treatments" used to treat colonies against varroa mites are stressful to the bees because, let's be honest, they are still used as toxic insecticides, and what are bees?).


Bee Mindful beekeepers, Les Crowder and Nathalie Biggie, have over 60 years of experience in beekeeping in Top-Bar Hives and Langstroth and have many years of experience in successful natural beekeeping (one is a biologist and world-renowned author of "Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honey Bee Health; and the other is certified as an Advanced Beekeeper in the TAMU Master Beekeeper Program who was recently selected to develop and lead the country-wide, government sponsored Beekeeping Development Program the Congolese Minister of Professional Education is putting in place to help with the country's economic development). Their Teaching Apiary has Top-Bar Hives, Langstroth Hives, Layens and Warré Hives, and soon Flow Hives and Long Langs for a look into various styles of beekeeping.


Please note that HCBA Members get discounts to Bee Mindful's "BNB" Classes ("Becoming a Natural Beekeeper" Series).

Class dates can be found at






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